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The Kid Lunastix are smaller in size and lighter in weight for little players.

That doesn't mean they're not great fun to play with and an amazing starting point for youngsters with some devil-stick enthusiasm!

Recommended for ages 6-10. Kid Lunastix are available in many colours with handles, genuine leather ends, and SureGrip™ tubing. They are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and craftmanship.

IMPORTANT: It is worth noting that the nature of the Lunastix brand is producing products that are aesthetically UNIQUE. Very rarely will two Kids Lunastix be the same! Colour schemes can vary drastically but it will always be a fantastic product.

These are devil-sticks for the idyiosyncratic! As such, when ordering it is a good idea to suggest a colour scheme you'd like from the list below and we'll do our best to match it.

WARNING: The kids range of Lunastix feature some very BRIGHT components! Not for the timid.

Kid Lunastix specs:

Shaft length - 48 cm

Shaft weight - 120 grams

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