Butterfingers Flexi Plate
The last mould sadly has gone due to old age but the good news is that the Butterfingers Flexi Pla..
Erik's Angel Wing Poi
These triangle shaped flag poi are perfectly weighted along the front edge of each wing and handle..
Erik's Poi with double tails (pair)
Erik’s Poi are made from the highest quality rip stop nylon comprising twin 90cm tails. The poi ta..
Flames N Games Star Flower Stick
If you are fed up of buying a new flower stick every so often because you accidentally stood on it..
Juggle Dream Adult Gymnastic Ribbons
The Juggle Dream range of competition spec. rhythmic gymnastic ribbons are fantastic quality and e..
Juggle Dream Fire Poi
An affordable set of quality fire poi ideal for beginners. These have a respectable flame but are ..
Juggle Dream Flag Poi
Flag Poi are great! With minimal effort the Spinner can make a dazzling effect, with each flag bil..
Juggle Dream Junior Gymnastic Ribbons
Junior Rhythmic gymnastic ribbon. Short plastic handle and 1.6m ribbon. Perfect for workshops...
Juggle Dream Neon Flower Stick
The Juggle Dream Neo is a super bright UV active version of the Picasso flower stick. The dimensio..
Juggle Dream Picasso Flower Stick
Juggling Wholesale proudly presents the Juggle Dream Picasso flower stick, this is possibly the be..
Juggle Dream Scarf Poi
A stylish set of scarf poi from Juggle Dream - these poi use 2 x 85g soft fabric poi heads and vib..
Juggle Dream Sock Poi
These poi socks are simple but classic. Made from stretchy UV fabric, they're ideal for hyperloops..
Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick
Juggle Dream spinning plate & Stick combo.The Juggle Dream Spinning Plate measures 23cm across..
Juggle Dream Trickster Devil Stick
The Trickster Devil Stick is an excellent introductory devil stick and comes complete with control..
Juggle Dream Tube / Sock Poi
A set of two long socks which can be weighted with the included bean bags (or the object of your c..
Lunastix Kids Flower Stick
The Kid Lunastix are smaller in size and lighter in weight for little players.That doesn't mean they..
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