Beard Flare One Piece Clubs
 The Flare Club now has a fully rounded knob, which makes it ideal for club swinging. It's also..
Beard Radical Fish Juggling Clubs
The Radical Fish 8.5cm Bulb juggling club features a natural ash wood dowel core, durable HDPE body ..
Juggle Dream 'Super Nova' Fire Torch
Also known as the 'Super Nova', this flash looking fire torch from Juggle dream is a really nice jug..
Juggle Dream Hacky Sacks
 Our eight panelled, sand filled hacky sack is much easier to control than hacky sacks with pla..
Mr Babache Juggling Rings 32cm
Standard size juggling rings made from high quality plastic. Some of the colours are UV reactive so..
Pluto Juggling Tri-its
 These pyramid shaped, pellet filled beanbags are very good for beginners and used extensively ..
Juggle Dream 120g 'Thud' Juggling Ball
The Juggle Dream range of 120g 'thuds'These juggling balls are soft bean bags in a big selection of ..
Juggle Dream Superior 120g 'Thud' Juggling Ball
Theses are the standard size version of the classic 4 panel beanbag manufactured by Juggle Dream.The..
Juggle Dream 'Shiney Superior' Thud
 This is a premium bean bag designed by Juggle Dream. The 'Shiney Superior' thud features beaut..
Play PX3 Vegas Special Deco Juggling Club
The PX3 SPECIAL DECORATION VEGAS is a great looking, professional juggling club. The PX3 Vegas club ..
Juggle Dream Smoothie Juggling Ball
 UV reactive juggling version of the popular Smoothie bean bags. Exceptionally strong stitching..
Beard DX Chroma plus juggling ball 62mm
 The DX Chroma juggling balls are a densely packed, seed filled balls with a shiny but grippy s..
Play PX3 Flouro Pirouette
This is a very tough training club with a few features that really set it apart from some of the o..
Juggle Dream Strobe/Fade Glow Juggling Ball
 These 70mm stage balls use 3 x LR44 batteries which give four to five hours glow.The LED light..
Juggling Scarves set of 3
Juggling scarves are great for kids to play and learn with as they float in the air taking time..
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