Pluto Juggling started out as a small juggling club back in 2007 and from there two of us wanted to go beyond that and decided to start up a shop in early 2013 in Marks small first floor flat. It was hard to start out with but it was not long till we got our own work space in a small workshop knocking it down and rebuilding from the floor up. 

With nearly 20 years experience between us we wanted to share what we have learnt so we have a cub where we pass on what we know to the next generation of Jugglers, and the shop for all the equipment.

We deal with many of the worlds biggest juggling equipment manufacturers including Mr Babach, Play & Juggle Dream, and if we don't have something in stock we can get it.

As well as having the shop and the club where we teach we also venture out doing a myriad of different events from teaching workshops to walkabouts and fire displays for both the public and corporate events.