The Mr Babache Energy Diabolo Handstick is a shorter diabolo handstick aimed at advanced diabolists and those who use two diabolos.

This stick is made from a clear polycarbonate which offers quite a bit of flex with the aim of providing increased acceleration as well as some cushioning effect.

Like the Extreme stick it features a new system for string attachment. The 'down the tube' mechanism has always been a big favourite amongst diabolists but unfortunately wastes a lot of string. To combat this, Babache have added a screw top which holds the knot at the very end of the handstick while still keeping the 'down the tube' functionality.

The end of the handstick is made from shiny gloss aluminium, tough enough to resist serious abuse. The coloured silicone grips provide excellent, comfortable hand holds.

However, this stick is not for the most aggressive of diabolists. Like all handsticks, breakages have been known to occur and for this reason Mr B provide a comprehensive list of spares to make replacing broken sticks as cheap as possible.

Our verdict: Another top handstick aimed at those who prefer short and flexible sticks featuring a novel but highly effective string attachment mechanism.

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Mr Babache Energy Diabolo Handsticks

  • Brand: Mr Babache
  • Product Code: Mr B Energy
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